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Cultural Association of Fodele

The "Domenicos Theotokopoulos" Cultural Association of Fodele was founded in 1982 with the scope of preserving and promoting the natural and cultural heritage of the region. The main focus is put on the revival of traditions and customs of the region and the organization of cultural and musical events that aim to actively involve our fellow citizens, to reinforce the sense of community and to spread the knowledge about these special cultural characteristics of the region that have their roots in the depths of time.

In this spirit, the Association revives ancient customs, such as the one of Klidonas during the celebration of Aghios Ioannis and the carnival. The association is also organising educational and recreational excursions in the archaeological and historical sites of Crete, theatrical plays and music performances.

It is supported by other institutions in order to publish books on the history of Fodele and it has founded its own library and internet access location for the local youth.

The Association is also responsible for the management of the museum of Domenicos Theotokopoulos. It organises concerts and games in the space of the museum in order to keep it alive as an intellectual center; a space where people can exchange knowledge, ideas and opinions.

Finally, the Association organises the annual "Cultural Festival of Fodele" at the end of August with various events that aim to bring the above mentioned goals to the wider region of Crete while promoting the unique beauty and history of Fodele.

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