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Suggested visits - loving routes

1. Starting from the entrance of the village and turn right at the first bridge, following the course of the river through a beautiful, leafy street is approx 15 minutes in the church of Panagia, a true jewel of Byzantine church architecture and art. Then you can visit El Greco museum while you can rest in the refreshment in the cool of the trees.


2. Having visited the tree with the dedicatory plaque in the village center, one can follow the proposed naturalistic route parallel to the river to the Community laundry room of the century.


3. Starting from the second bridge, on the right, someone can walk through nice narrow streets of the village to reach the village's main church, dedicated to Michael the Archangel, and the oldest (19th century) village's patron Saint George.


4. Leaving the car at the exit of the village and walking along a road rich in orange, tangerine, lemon and plane trees, arbutus, katsoprinous, agrelies, carob trees and aromatic shrubs can after an hour's journey to visit the monastery of St. Panteleimon.


5. For the adventurous we propose the ascent to the Kouledes on the top of the hills and exploring the waterfalls area (in rainy months)..

Where to stay: Both the beach and village center there are nice rooms to rent. Also you can stay at luxury hotel "Fodele Beach".

Where to eat: Visiting the village is not without means testing of delicious tidbits of local meat and excellent local drink "raki". Wonderful taverns can be found all year in Mesopotamia, the one on either side of the river and the village beach, very clean and very friendly prices. You can also enjoy your coffee in one of the nice cafes in the village.

Best time to visit: Fodele is a remarkable destination for all seasons: spring dresses in white and fragrant blossoms of the orange, summer offers the coolness of the water and plane trees, the autumn colors of trees and leaves, the mildness of winter and the smell of damp earth.

Holidays - cultural events:

In a mystical way, through trees and water, light and darkness reminding ancient rituals, residents celebrate the procession of the Epitaph on Good Friday. An evening undoubtedly drawn in our minds.
Interesting custom revivals carried (announced on the site of the club) at various times by the cultural association, and finally the " Fodele Cultural Festival " in August.
Suggested reading: poetic reading for Fodele from villager Virginia Vergi Neri: FODELE Landscapes-Myths and True Tales, Dorian, 2010.

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